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    The 2007 Football Season is Here
          You have until the second week of the season to sign up for the "Weekly Pick'em Pools".  Sorry but if you miss the first week of the "Suicide Pool" you will have to wait for the next one.

     Welcome to for the fifth year of the "Suicide Pool". If you are here it is probably because you know the Webmaster or someone who does, and are ready to make the Football season a little more enjoyable.

Here at bPicks we try to create a friendly, competitive atmosphere where losers will be made fun of constantly and stupid picks will never be forgotten, hence, the creation of the "Hall of Shame".

     If you are here looking for scores for every sport as soon as the game is over you are in the wrong spot,  that's what ESPN and FOX Sports are for.  My goal is to organize the Pools, not give you the pick of the week.  Stats will only be provided for the pools:  who's still alive, who has the most points, who has already won something, etc. Let us know if you have any questions or comments

     This site is not currently set up to accommodate the general public, only people who or were referred by someone who knows the Webmaster.

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